Does having a strategy guarantee success?

No. It’s a first step but it does not guarantee success. That’s what we do. Getting the implementation right is as important as having the right strategy.

Along with your team, we address the main reasons why organizations fail to accomplish their goals, even when they have a great strategy. Our attention is solely focused on the design, planning and execution of the implementation plan to guarantee success and sustainability.

Our Sustainable Implementation methodology ensures strong results & sustainability.

  • Design & planning. 50% of success is preparation. This includes breaking down the strategy into logical work streams, defining the implementation approach, preparing detailed execution plans and setting up project management tools to monitor progress.
  • Execution with attention to key success factors. Identifying the success factors, goals and milestones for each of the work streams is critical to ensure each contributes to the achievement of the overall goal.
  • Sustainability focus. It’s not only about achieving the results but about maintaining them in constant growth. Defining the tools & accountability mechanisms and building capabilities into the organization are key to achieving results that last beyond the first year.

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