Our Sustainable Implementation methodology

Strategic initiatives

Step 1 – Implementation design and planning

  • Understand & classify all the changes to be made (e.g., operational & organizational)

  • Define work streams and best implementation approach for each

  • Prepare implementation plan. Define roll out model, activities, schedule, resources, responsibilities, stakeholders, metrics,  risks and other project components

  • Prepare communication plan to address the different audiences (e.g., leadership, stakeholders, the whole organization ) and phases of the project

Step 2 – Implementation execution

  • Typical workstreams

  • Project management
  • Analytics
  • Organizational changes
  • Operational changes
  • Team development
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • Typical key success factors

  • Project definition & scope
  • Goals, metrics & visual management
  • Resources & organization
  • Monitoring
  • Leadership engagement
  • Team development
  • Accountability & performance management
  • Effective communication

Step 3 – Implementation sustainability

  • Set actions in place to ensure permanent focus on outcomes and modeling of behaviors starting at the most senior levels

  • Assemble a SWAT team that can act as a certification team and plan & execute an intervention to regain momentum & results

  • Outline a certification process from project completion through a 2-5 year horizon

  • Define a continuous improvement plan that includes identification of opportunities, planning and execution